Buy & Sell Process




The Excess Electric Buy & Sell Process



Excess Electric LLC was created with the mission to find buyers for your excess electrical materials. We offer the seller the opportunity to market their goods to a broad range of potential buyers that are in the electrical industry. Whether you are a distributor, contractor, or broker, Excess Electric will put your goods in front of others who purchase and use similar products everyday. As a buyer, you will have the opportunity to find products that you purchase everyday for resale at reasonable prices that can be delivered within a few days. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, you can take advantage of our marketing services. At Excess Electric, we only sell to wholesale construction trade distribution partners.


  • Seller Information (Any entity in the electrical industry may sell product through Excess Electric LLC)


Free ListingsAt Excess Electric, you will not be charged a fee until your listed material has been sold. You may list as many products as you like in as many categories as you desire without incurring any up-front expenses!

Item Pricing –As the seller, pricing is entirely up to you. It would be advised to check current cost of the product(s) that you are listing to insure that your asking price is in accord with other bargain pricing levels. You may also opt to request an offer from a potential buyer. If you choose the “Make an Offer” option, Excess Electric will tender any offer from a perspective buyer to the seller for consideration.

Fees –Excess Electric will agree to aggressively market your product(s) at no charge to you. At Excess Electric, we will list your material at a price above what you have agreed would be acceptable to you.  

What We Need From The Seller –In order to list a product for sales with Excess Electric LLC, send us a description along with actual photographs (recommended) via email to For those who prefer to fax us the information, you may do so by faxing the description to 615-250-6320. Once your material has been posted, buyers will have 24/7 visibility to the material listed. Once we receive an offer to purchase your material, you will be notified via email that the material has been purchased and will be advised of the shipping information. Once the order has been processed and is on its way to the buyer, the Seller will be responsible for providing Excess Electric with tracking information on the shipment.

Payment Our payment terms to the seller are clearly stated on our “Terms of Use” link. Please read the “Terms of Use” carefully as you are deemed in agreement with our published T&C’s at the time we receive your listing request. It is our desire to close each transaction fully in an expedited manner so we may insure that your complete experience with Excess Electric is a pleasurable one!

Freight/Shipping – It would be advisable to include shipping charges on all items listed with Excess Electric. We can help you determine approximate freight costs for your material to specific regions.


  •     Buyer Information (Note: We only sell to electrical wholesalers/distributors. If you are not an electrical wholesaler but have interest in purchasing our products, we can direct you to a partner in your area that can process the transaction for you)


Choice Of Payment OptionsWe offer the buyer the opportunity to pay either by credit card or validated check. All electrical wholesalers who are members of NAED will be granted a conditional line of credit. Payment terms are Net 30 Days

Making A Purchase – After reviewing the material available for sale, you may choose to email us ( or you may call us @ (615) 962-7985 to confirm pricing and availability.  If you are paying by check, you must contact Excess Electric in order to receive verification of funds in order to process your order. If there are insufficient funds in your account when you are charged, you will be assessed a $30.00 penalty and your shipment will not be released until such funds are available.

After The Purchase -The buyer will receive via email the shipping information as well as a material compliance form that must be filled out and returned to Excess Electric upon receipt of the material. The form consists of information such as the date received & condition of the material (as advertised, damaged in transit, poor condition, etc.). Once the receiving form has been completed, we ask that you return it via email to Excess Electric Customer Service. As part of our buyer & seller protection procedures, payment will not be released to the seller until material purchased has been confirmed as received and arrived in the advertised condition.

Additional Information – Please review the “Terms of Use” statement on the Excess Electric website. When you submit payment to Excess Electric, you are deemed in agreement with our stated T&C’s. Information regarding returns and credits are stated in our standard “Terms & Conditions”.


If you have any further questions or comments, you may contact via email at or by phone (615) 962-7985.