About Us




             Excess Electric was founded as a result of an existing need that is not being met effectively. Many warehouses, jobsites, storage buildings & containers are filled with materials that were at one time purchased for a specific good reason that no longer exists. Perhaps the job was cancelled or changed, minimum order or packaging requirements were greater than the project requirements, manufacturers discontinued the style of product or changed the packaging, etc. You know the reason why your valuable warehouse space is being taken up by material that you no longer need and continue to hope that someday you can use. Regardless of the reason, valuable resources are being tied up for no other reason than the lack of an effective resource to turn these products into useable dollars.


             Additionally in today’s marketplace, there is a growing emphasis on becoming more environmentally responsible through various “Green” practices. We at Excess Electric LLC feel that the services we provide enable our vendors and customers to meet some of these objectives by providing a means to “re-purpose” their new or reconditioned surplus items that otherwise would have ended up in the local landfill. We feel that finding a new home for readily useable products rather than disposing of them is our responsibility. Resources that were expended in the production of those items should not have been for naught.


            At Excess Electric, it is our job to connect buyers and sellers of electrical supplies together through an easy to use online warehouse of new and reconditioned surplus electrical products. Stop filling your dumpster with dollars! Give Excess Electric the opportunity to turn your wasted resources into cash.


            At, it is our goal to provide you with a positive & safe experience while meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. Additional services and resources are planned for the future, so please check back with us often as we grow to become one of your more valued business tools.  Thank you for this exciting opportunity!