Shipping & Returns

Refund & Exchange Policy for Excess Electric


                                           Excess Electric will provide the purchaser a full refund in the event of the following:

·         Non-Conformance Policy. If a customer receives a product that does not conform to the same form, function, condition, or stated manufacturer (if applicable) as advertised, they will be entitled to a full refund of their purchase price. The customer may opt for full product replacement if material is available in sufficient quantities by the seller and meets the customer’s expectations. It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide Excess Electric with sufficient documentation to dispute any misrepresentation by completely filling out the receiving form that will be provided by Excess Electric with each order confirmation. Photographs of the product(s) must be submitted in order to process the claim and they must clearly indicate that a misrepresentation has indeed occurred. In rare cases, it may involve a visit by an Excess Electric LLC representative to investigate & resolve the allegation. The buyer will have 5 business days after receipt of order to contact Excess Electric by email or phone in order to dispute any purchases. Payment to the seller will be held by Excess Electric LLC and will not be released until the dispute has been resolved. Payment will be released to the seller at the time Excess Electric LLC receives confirmation that the product has been received by the purchaser in “as advertised condition”. Shipper tracking information must be provided by the seller in order to verify date of receipt by the purchaser. 

·         Returns. For any return request that is not based on misrepresentation, the buyer must submit within 30 days of receipt of material. The reason for the return request must be clearly stated along with photos of the material. Excess Electric will act on behalf of the buyer and make the request known to that seller. There is not a standard policy that each seller must comply with and therefore approved return requests are not guaranteed to be processed. If the product(s) cannot be returned, Excess Electric will assist the customer in re-listing the material on our site.

·         Damaged Goods. In the event that product(s) received are found to be broken/damaged, a freight claim must be filed with the carrier. Contact information for the carrier can be found on the carrier freight bill. In the event that the breakage/damaged is found to be concealed and the carrier has been relieved of any responsibility in the matter, our standard Non-Conformance policy will apply.